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We offer great services to our clients

Business Credit

We help businesses get business credit for their EIN that’s not linked to their SSN with no personal credit check or personal guarantee.

Forex Investing

Learn how to trade in the Forex Market. Leverage your money to get a piece of this 5.3 trillion dollar a day market. Coming Soon

Online Marketing

We will send 625+ super targeted visitors to your website or blog from around the world or specific countries.

WordPress Website Design

We will develop a professional wordpress website for your business. View samples on our services page. We also do Federal Government contracting work.

Clients & Partners

We work with the businesses below. Click each picture to view their website link.

Haze Treats

Home of the moon cookies.

Paparazzi Independent Consultant

Good Times Radio


He’s a gifted rap artist and singer. Based out of Walterboro, SC

Biz Wiz Filmz

He doe’s film and music production. Based out of SC and NYC.

Mecca Alim

She’s an artist and has a display of her artwork and resume. Based out of the NYC area

Speech To Song

She’s a certified speech language pathologist and vocologist that’s based out of the NYC area

Martina Publishing

She’s an author, storyteller, SC trainer, children’s librarian, and president of Martina Publishing, Inc. Based out of Walterboro, South Carolina

Better Homes and Gardens Go Realty

She’s a real estate agent based out of North Carolina

Conglomerate Empowerment

Dr. Tonya B.is a consultant, podcast host, grant writer & speaker. She also does research and develops strategic plans for companies

Cloud K9 NYC

He’s a dog walker and pet sitter based here in the NYC area

Cairo Qween

Fed Biz Access

“LFS Marketing exceeded my expectations, the services are worth more than you pay.”

Gerald McDowell

I would advise anyone that need any type of promotions to work with this company, you won’t be disappointed.

Abby G

“LFS Marketing is an exceptional company. The site is very professional and easy to navigate through. It also has a lot of helpful information. Lethonia is a great person to work with because he listens to his customers.”

Monica J

“LFS Marketing’s Online Network Marketing is an excellent service. It has jump-started my business in just 1 week. I recommend the Online Marketing to anyone who wants to increase their network”

Rockie Thompson

I always have admiration for professionals such as you, who dedicate the gift of talent and experience to help like-minded others achieve their goals, to say the least.

Noel (Known as the Chief Dreamer)

“Lethonia Singleton’s network advertising machine is quite frankly one of the best and hottest marketing trends today on the internet. He is a total pleasure to work with.

Amir Shahidpour

“LFS Marketing is the best worldwide marketing tool and I highly recommend any and all business to invest in the LFS services.

Kira Miller (RIP)

“I found LFS Marketing to be very professional and very service orientated. Lethonia, remains true to his claims, and have exceeded my expectations by going several steps beyond to meet my needs and goals.

Carmen J Day

Our latest blog post

We offer great information about internet marketing and other money making ideas.

Guest Posting and Blogging

One of the most effective ways to get traffic to a blog or website is to guest blog. Guest blogging allows you to bring someone else’s existing audience to your website. You make use of all the months and years of effort they’ve put into building their audience.

Steps on How to Run an Email Marketing Campaign

It’s now clear that you know why your small business should be using e- mail marketing techniques to increase its consumer base, increase revenue and build brand awareness.

Blog Strategies For Free Traffic

Blog Strategies For Free Traffic There are various strategies to increase your traffic for a blog, with the goal of creating the maximum exposure for each post. You want to use all the features available for that. So, that when you initially write a post, you will want to follow these steps: Identify a topic […]