Hi Warrior Affiliates. I have an eBook that's going to sell like crazy. Everybody knows YouTube is the second biggest search engine next to Google and as marketers we all need to be on there selling and promoting our products and services.


This is a short and to the point eBook showing step by step instructions on how to make money on YouTube without owning your own videos. There's a market out there of many business owners who don't know how to make videos and who hate to be in front of the camera.


This eBook will teach them how to build up their own YouTube channel with other people's videos in their niche without having their channel flagged and deleted. This eBook has zero fluff and 100% step by step instructions that get to the point. 


I put the title up as making $100 a day, but once they get their channel started and rolling they could make even more money through adsense. 



Here's Why They Need This eBook:


1) It shows them a loophole on how to use other people's videos legally


2) It shows them how to build up their video views


3) It shows them how to build up their subscribers



I'm selling this eBook for $10 and giving all Warrior Affiliates 50% of the profits. If you're interested in helping me sell this product fill in your email address below and I will inform you of this product launch. You WILL NOT get any other emails from me. Let's make this money together.


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